Galvanized Vs. Aluminized Vs. Vinyl-Coated: Which Is The Best Material To Choose For Your Chain-Link Fence?

Although it can be done, making a chain-link fence entirely out of aluminum or stainless steel is prohibitively expensive in most cases. Carbon steel is used instead due to its low cost. The immediate problem with using carbon steel in an outdoor environment, however, is that it's very susceptible to rust. Carbon steel needs to be protected from the elements in order to prevent rapid corrosion, and there are a few ways that manufacturers accomplish this—the carbon steel can either be galvanized, aluminized or coated in polyvinyl chloride.

Using Fencing To Secure Your Family Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool in your back yard provides your family with a great, fun way to cool off and spend time together during the summer. Unfortunately, the presence of a swimming pool can be a safety issue – especially if there are young kids in the household or in neighboring homes. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prevent accidental drownings in your family pool. Install a Proper Fence

Options in New Railings to Keep Your Deck Safer

If your old deck has worn or wobbly railings, then you should have them replaced for safety reasons. As long as your deck is still sound structurally, then keeping the deck and just having the railings replaced is a good way to improve the deck while controlling your costs. Here are why your deck railings should be secure and some options in new ones. Loose or Weak Railings Are a Safety Hazard