A Residential Fence Repair Contractor Might Save Your Old Chain Link Fence And Extend Its Life

If you have an old chain link fence that has some rust on it and damage to the top rail or mesh, you might see if repairs are possible so you don't have to replace the fence. Chain link fences can be difficult to repair if you don't understand how the mesh links together and attaches to the rails. Call a residential fence repair contractor to get an estimate for the work and to get the job done for you. Here are some types of repairs your chain link fence may need to have done.

Clear Out Vines And Weeds

A quick way to get growth away from the fence and out of the mesh is to use a pressure washer. The pressure of the water can slice through the weeds to cut them up and then blow them away from the fence. When this is complete, the fence repair contractor can see all the parts of the fence to determine where repairs need to be done and have room to work freely.

Remove Rust

If the top rail has rust, the fence repair contractor needs to decide if the rail has to be replaced or if the rust can be removed. If the rust has eaten through the metal, it's best to replace the rail. If rust is extensive, it may be easier to remove the rail than to spend time sanding the rust away. If the mesh is rusty, it could take a lot of work to get the fence back in shape, but it can be done by using a wire brush or sanding the area to get rid of all the rust.

The contractor might use rust dissolvers, pressure washing, and other methods to make the work go faster and to remove every bit of rust. Once the rust is gone, the fence has to be coated with a rust preventer to keep rust from coming back, and you may need to apply rust prevention every year or so to keep your fence from getting rusty.

Repair Broken Fence Parts

A broken top rail can be replaced, and mesh that has come loose from the rail can be restored. The chain link mesh can be tightened if it's sagging, and holes in it can be patched with new mesh. Making these repairs often involves using tools that snip through the fence, pull the mesh tight, weave through the mesh, and secure the mesh in position. This is careful work, but when complete, you won't be able to tell the fence has been patched since the new mesh is woven in seamlessly. A residential fence repair contractor can make repairs to your fence, posts, and gate when possible so you can get more years of life from your fence.