Building A Fence? 5 Ways To Keep On Neighbors' Good Sides

When you put up a fence, your primary goal should be to design something that makes you happy and meets your needs. But your neighbors will also live with your fence. So, how can you take others into consideration when planning your own fence construction? Here are a few ways to make sure this is a good experience for all.

1. Check Your Boundaries

Before you do any purchasing or digging, start by making sure you know exactly where your property borders are and stay inside them. Verification of property limits is a good idea even if you're replacing an existing fence. The last thing you want is to create or exacerbate any neighborhood unhappiness by building on someone else's land. 

2. Talk With Neighbors

Once you know what type of fence you want, talk to your immediate neighbors as a courtesy. Why? First, you may be able to work out an arrangement to share the costs and upkeep of a fence between two properties. However, even if this is not your goal or not feasible, it shows respect for others. Be open to taking to heart some of their input where you feel it's possible. 

3. Make Sure It Looks Good 

Check with your local zoning office to determine what rules you must adhere to when building a fence. Many communities stipulate that the fence's more attractive, 'front' side must face outward toward surrounding properties. Even if this isn't mandatory, think about how your fence will look to those around you. Choose a direction and style that will look nice. 

4. Allow for Circulation

Consider the spacing of your fence base and slats. By starting the wood a healthy distance above ground level, you allow air circulation that reduces rot and warping. It also decreases pests for both property owners. Spacing between slats throughout the fence can also help keep both yards more comfortable and help reduce excess moisture buildup. 

5. Use Durable Materials

Maintain good relations with your fence neighbors for a lifetime by ensuring the fence won't deteriorate quickly and become an eyesore. Choose high-quality wood materials and fasteners. Make sure you have it installed correctly to prevent sagging. And finish off with a durable paint or stain. 

Want to know more about keeping a good relationship with your lot neighbors while building a fence? Start by consulting with a fence contractor in your area today. By following these tips and their expertise, you'll build a good fence that will indeed help make good neighbors. 

For more information about wood fence services, contact a local company.