There Is More Than You Might Know About Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is an extremely versatile fencing material. This is why you see so much of it. You can find a lot of chain link fences around homes when you are driving through neighborhoods. Then, you will see plenty when you are driving through industrial areas. In fact, you may even notice temporary chain link fences that have been put up around building sites. There are many reasons why this is such a versatile material and why it is chosen by so many individuals and businesses. Here is a break down of chain link fencing

Chain link fences come in many sizes

Chain link fences can come in very short heights that are often used for putting a border around certain areas in a yard, like the flower beds, or even around a children's play area to keep pets from going in it. They also come in heights of around 6 feet, and this height is often used to fence around homes because, in many cities, there are height restrictions that limit how tall a residential fence can be. Then, they come in very tall heights, and these are used for everything from fencing in a business property to adding an additional layer of security around prisons. 

They come in many thicknesses

Chain link is a strong type of fence usually made from steel wire. This means even the thinnest linkage will still be strong. However, there are times when a thicker linkage is desired, such as in the taller fencing that goes around a business or prison. 

Chain link fences can also be customized or altered to make them even more secure. People who are looking to secure places that need added security may choose to electrify the fence. Businesses, prisons, and even construction sites often choose to run a barbed wire or even razor wire along the top of the chain link fence to prevent anyone from climbing over the fence. 

The fences can be altered easily

If someone wishes to add more privacy to their yard during the summer so they can lie out or swim without being watched through their fence, then they can easily transform the chain link fence into a privacy fence with the addition of bamboo fencing slats or other privacy slats or panels. These can also be taken down easily when there is no longer a use for them. Chain link fencing can also be spray painted, so it matches the trim of the house to add more consistency to the landscape.