Selling Your Home? These Updates Can Help Attract Family Buyers

Getting ready to sell your family-friendly home? Here are a few upgrades you can make to help attract family buyers once you put your house on the market:

Expand the Interior Space

Attract family buyers to your home by expanding the interior space; this will help ensure that new families have room to grow, and established families have room for teenagers as they age. You can expand the interior space of your home a few different ways – consider one or more of the following ideas:

  • Turn the garage into a play or family room by insulating and painting it.

  • Turn the attic into another bedroom or office by installing carpet and windows.

  • Create a sunroom by enclosing an outdoor covered porch with screen or plywood.

Work with your real estate agent to determine who your target market is so you can expand the interior living space of your home accordingly.

Invest in an Exterior Feature

Families tend to enjoy spending a lot of time outside, especially during the summer months. Whether to garden, play, or sunbathe, most members of a family can find a reason to head outside and spend time in the yard. Incorporating a family-friendly outdoor feature is an effective way to attract more family buyers to your home once it goes on the market. One of the following features may appeal to your target market:

  • Metal or wooden playground equipment.

  • An outdoor kitchen and barbecue area.

  • An enclosed stargazing gazebo.

  • A family-sized trampoline.

  • An above-ground swimming pool.

For the new homeowner's convenience, make sure the home is stocked with any equipment and materials that will be needed to maintain the feature you decide to incorporate into the yard.

Install a New Fence

Installing a new fence around the perimeter of your property is one of the best ways to attract prospective family buyers to your home. Not only will a fence provide the new owners with extra privacy and security, but it will help keep the kids and pets safe when they're playing outside.

Overall, a new fence should provide prospective family buyers with some extra peace of mind in knowing that if they buy your home, their household members and pets will enjoy a safe and comfortable experience. The fence should be at least six feet in height to ensure optimal privacy for the new owners and to help protect the property from would-be thieves and stray animals. There are lots of color, style, and material options to choose from so it should be easy to incorporate a fence perimeter that complements the landscape design that is already in place. Contact a company like Diamond Fence & Concrete Inc to learn more about fencing options.