3 Important Considerations Before Installing A New Fence

Are you tired of people crossing your property without your permission? Do you want to keep both people and animals out of your flowerbeds and off of your lawn? When your property is unfenced, anyone and anything can wander across it without your knowledge. Stopping this activity means putting up a fence to deter trespassers and unwanted animal visitors. But putting up a fence is an important decision. It's not a good idea to simply buy fencing supplies at almost random and hope that it will work for your needs. Before you buy any supplies, here are some things that you need to do:

Consider fencing materials: Different types of fencing materials have different properties that have different uses. They also have widely differing costs based on both the cost of materials and the effort it takes to install the fence. For instance, a brick fence is solid and is good for blocking out most sound. Putting up a brick fence can also be labor-intensive, so it may cost more than any other type of fencing materials. You'll need to get fencing estimates for each type of material before you'll be able to fully weigh the installation costs with the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Get a soil test: Not all soils are going to be able to support every type of fencing material. Unfortunately, even though you may think that you want a picket fence or a wrought iron fence, the soil on your land may not make these fencing materials a good choice. It may not be worth the cost and effort of installing a certain type of fence so that it's not going to collapse in a relatively short time. This is why it's vital to have your soil tested by a professional. This way you can know exactly which types of fences you can actually have installed around your home and which ones should be discarded from your consideration. 

Talk to multiple contractors: Before you hire any fencing contractor, make sure to get fencing estimates from several different companies. Not all fencing contractors charge the same labor costs or even the same material costs, so getting fencing estimates from several of them can result in a significant savings when you find a contractor who is offering a lower price than most of the other contractors in your area. Depending on the size of the fence involved, the savings could be several hundred dollars, making the time and effort of getting multiple estimates worth the trouble.

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