Alternative Uses For Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is often used to fence in playgrounds, school yards, prisons, and government properties. However, it can be used for lots of other things. Here is just a sample of the alternative uses for chain link fencing.

Trellises for Climbing Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables

Chain link fences are ideal for climbing flowers, fruits and vegetables. The fencing itself is easy to cut with a metal cutters or bolt cutters, so you can shape the piece of chain link fence any way you want. Staple the section to wooden posts or long wood slats. Then lean it up against a building or secure it in the ground. As the roses, floribunda, peas, beans or grapes find the chain links in your homemade trellis, they will curl around it and grown upward.

Contain a Fire Pit

Barrel-shaped fire pits in your yard can be surrounded with chain link fencing to prevent burning fragments of wood from popping and flying out of the fire pit. Just cut a section of fence that is a little higher than the pit and every bit as round, square or rectangular. Push the pointy ends of the fence into the ground about two to four inches. If you need to, bend and shape it to meet the shape of your fire pit. Because the chain links are made from steel, they cannot burn or melt while containing the fire and the burning wood.

Replace a Camp Grill or Grill Griddle

Smaller sections of steel chain link fence can be used as a cook surface for food. Over a campfire, small squares of the fence help cook the meat and give it a unique, "cross-grill" pattern. As a replacement cook griddle for your gas grill, it can lay across the area where your old cook griddle used to be, Just make sure you spread the meat out and place the heavier pieces on the ends to keep the meat from sliding down toward the middle and weighing down the piece of chain link fence.

As a Support Barrier for Sand Bags

If you find yourself bracing your home for potential floods, you can use chain link fences as support barriers for sand bags. You can avoid having the sand bags pushed over by the flood water when you brace them on the side with the chain link fence. As the flood waters arrive, the fence brace takes most of the power of the water, leaving the sand bags behind it mostly unharmed.