Five Types Of Commercial Fencing And Their Uses

If you're a business manager or owner looking to enhance the appearance and/or the beauty of your property by installing a fence, you may understandably be confused by the number of fencing options on the market today, everything from classic wrought iron fencing to barbed wire security fencing. The one you decide on depends in large part on your needs and your budget.

Barbed Wire Fencing

One of the most popular types of commercial security fencing, barbed wire fencing sits atop chain link or other fencing and makes it difficult (and painful) to climb or scale the fence. Barbed wire fencing is also frequently used on cattle farms to keep animals from escaping their enclosures.

Split Rail Fencing

This classic style of rural fencing is used primarily for farms looking to mark their boundaries without spending a lot of money on more solid fencing. However, split rail fencing is not a good choice for farms with livestock, as large animals can easily go over or plow through this type of fencing.

Chain Link Fencing

One of the most popular and most affordable types of commercial fencing, chain link fencing is versatile, easy to install, low maintenance and easy to see through, so it doesn't provide a shield for potential burglars and/or vandals. However, some view chain link fencing as being too industrial looking and unattractive.

Razor Wire Fencing

Razor wire fencing is similar to barbed wire fencing in that it sits top other types of fencing and provides a deterrent to those who might be thinking of scaling your fence. Razor wire fencing looks fierce and can be more psychologically daunting than barbed wire. For this reason, many prisons use razor wire fencing to surround their facilities.

Ornamental Fencing.

Ornamental fencing is very similar to split rail fencing in that it marks the boundaries of a property without providing a high degree of security, although wrought iron fencing can be designed with spike-like finials that make this type of fencing more difficult to climb. Still, most businesses opt for ornamental fencing, such as wrought iron and aluminum fencing to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of their properties.

While no one type of fencing is the right choice for every business, learning a little bit about the pros and cons of fencing on the market can help you make an educated fencing choice for your business. Check out businesses in your area for more information.